What is the Purpose of Conference?

The General Service Conference (Great Britain) of Alcoholics Anonymous is the guardian of the
services and of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA in Great Britain. Tradition Two states
that the only authority in AA is that which expresses itself through the Group conscience. Our
leaders are but trusted servants who do not govern. This Tradition is the basic authority for all AA
services, whether for Groups, Intergroups, Regions or for the Fellowship as a whole. The General
Service Conference therefore begins with the Group conscience. It also leads back to the Group, since
the Group has final responsibility not just for initiating, but for implementing the decisions agreed
upon by Conference. The General Service Conference is the practical means by which the Group
conscience in Britain can express itself in matters that concern the Fellowship as a whole. The
existence of Conference is moreover a guarantee that the Fellowship will be able to function under all
conditions. It is, in effect, the successor to the founders of AA, ensuring the continuity of the work
within the framework of the Twelve Traditions.

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