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Welcome to the AA SMIG page.

This site has been set up to help alcoholics both inside and outside the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.

When alcoholics come together for the purpose of recovery that gathering is called a Group.  Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the still suffering alcoholic.  These groups hold meetings where alcoholics gather for the purpose of recovery to help their fellow alcoholics using the message of Alcoholics Anonymous.  These meetings may be on one or more days at a particular venue.

Each Group has members who take on different roles to help the groups run effectively.  Various posts like Secretary (who enables the meetings to run), Treasurer, Literature Secretary, Greeter, Tea and Coffee maker and a Group Service Representative (GSR).

Meetings can be Open or Closed.  A Closed meeting is one where only members and prospective members of Alcoholics Anonymous can attend.  An Open meeting is where members can bring interested family members or friends along to a meeting to see how it works.  When people attend Open meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous they are asked to keep what they hear and see to themselves and not to reveal any information concerning other individuals to other people.

The Group Service Representatives from all the groups come together three or four times a year to help coordinate, fund initiatives and to help the information flow between each of the groups, to help the groups hear of initiatives and information from Intergroup, Regional Assemblies and the UK General Service Office in York.

At SMIG we also have officers who concentrate on developing links and information to external bodies.  For example we have Public Information Officers who try and get information concerning alcoholism and how AA can help people recover from alcoholism.  Other examples of other liason posts are:  Health, Probation, Prisons, Armed Forces, Telephone Liaison, 12th Step List Coordinator, Archives, Share Magazine, Conference Coordinator and Electronic Communications.

Our intergroup covers most of Oxfordshire and parts of the surrounding counties.

The SMIG A.A. Helpline: 01865242373  and the national A.A. (freephone) Helpline: 08009177650.

Please note that this website is still in construction.   Please  bear with us while we add more content and make it more user friendly.







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