James C

Home group: Oxford Young Person’s Thursday 19:30 – 20:30

Hi, I’m James and I’m an alcoholic.

I have been sober for a few days at a time now and it is a pleasure to serve SMIG and the young people of Oxfordshire. I entered AA a hopeless alcoholic and now after working the steps with a sponsor and following the AA suggestions made, I get to live a peaceful and contended life. I started out in a tea and coffee service role at my homegroup where I later became GSR. I have also held literature secretary at Oxford Saturday Lunchtime and online Secretary position for Oxford Friday Late Night Recovery.  After some sobriety time, I heard about the YPLO vacancy and saw it as an opportunity to carry the AA message and work Step 12. Being active in service allows me to feel part of and helps keeps me grounded and reminds me to remain humble. If anyone needs help, guidance, or just a chat involving recovery I’d be more than happy to help. If you are involved in an institution concerning young people, I’d equally be happy to discuss how I can help those affected by alcohol and alcoholism.

Contact: youngpersons@aasouthmidlands.org.uk