Hi my name is Tim M and I am an alcoholic.

I’ll tell you what, when I was asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, it sure wasn’t to be an alcoholic!

Sure, I drank too much but I wasn’t as bad as some people I knew!

It wasn’t until I got to AA that I found out how serious the situation I was in, I came to AA with the intention of never drinking again. They showed me how I could do just that, one day at a time. That was in June of 2014 and I haven’t looked back!

I was fortunate to find a very good sponsor who guided me through the 12 step recovery program. He also suggested that if I wanted to keep it I needed to give it away.

Got involved in helping others almost right away, at first as the guy that put out the books, then as the guy who put out the chairs. That was in my first home group, the Sunday Night Beginners Meeting. Have been in involved at the group level ever since.

Had the amazing opportunity to be selected as the Public Information Liaison for the Intergroup where we go out and talk to Professionals about how best to help those that have a drinking problem. That opened my eyes to how wide spread the problem is on a national and international level.

Have held Public Information role at the Intergroup and Regional levels

In September of 2022 was given the opportunity to be the Vice Chair of the Intergroup and I was honoured to accept it.

For many years now there is no greater pleasure than in trying to help someone that wants to stop drinking by giving them what was so freely given me.

Contact: vice-chair@aasouthmidlands.org.uk