A quote from our co-founder Bill W on General Service in AA:
“An AA service is anything whatever that helps us reach a fellow sufferer – ranging all the way from the Twelfth Step itself to a ten-cent phone call and a cup of coffee, and to AA’s General Service Office for national and international action. The sum total of all these services is our Third Legacy of Service.” (Pass It On, page 347)


The following Intergroup service positions are currently available:

If you are interested in any one of the vacancies, speak to your homegroup GSR or attend a SMIG meeting to find out how you could be of service.

For further information on each of the Intergroup Officer positions see AA Service Handbook for Great Britain 2021 and AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2021


Role Duties
Telephone Liaison Officer A Telephone Liaison Officer co-ordinates the working of the Telephone Service as recommended
in the Service Handbook. (See pages 65-66)
SHARE Liaison Officer Provides the essential contact between members, groups and the editorial teams. They actively encourage the contribution of articles and letters and the promotion of the magazines.
Armed Services Liaison Officer (ASLO) An Armed Services Liaison Officer is responsible for establishing local links with the Royal Navy, the Army, the Royal Air Force and any other organisation that is connected with the
Armed Services.
 Archivist The Archivist is the person responsible for the collection, its documents and artefactual items. He or she takes care of, and maintains, the physical integrity of the collection and is instrumental in its further development. The Archivist is also responsible for ensuring the protection of the anonymity of its members and the confidentiality of the AA records. 
 Vice Chair The Vice Chair has the responsibility of conducting the meeting in the absence of the Chair.
Probation/CJSWS Liaison Officer

The main tasks of the intergroup liaison officer are:

  • To establish/maintain links in the intergroup area with:

o Offender management services dealing with non-custodial sentences

o Bail hostels and similar facilities

o Magistrates/Justices, local courts and court officers

o Police forces

o Solicitors’ organisations

o Other professionals having regular contact with probationers

  • Report to each intergroup meeting by the Liaison Officer to keep intergroup informed on a regular basis. A copy of each intergroup report should be sent to the regional Probation/CJSWS Liaison Officer, who should be kept informed of developments in the intergroup.
  • Maintaining lists of contacts, Twelfth-Steppers, helpers etc so that continuity of service can be eased
  • Attending regional Workshops when available, and keeping in contact with the regional Liaison Officer

Regional Rep x 3

(One required now. Two Regional Reps required as of August 2022 due to existing Reps rotating out of service)

What would you be doing: Representatives will attend all intergroup meetings to report from
the region and to hear from the intergroup their wishes to be expressed at the next regional

Conference Delegate

See page 94 of AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2021

Conference Delegate Substitute

See page 94 of AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2021