Helen K

Home Group: Buckingham Sunday and Brackley Thursday

My name is Helen K and I’m an alcoholic. My sobriety date is 19th November 2018.

I drank for 50 years, sometimes less, but increasingly and unstoppable for latter 25 years.

I maintained I was a heavy drinker but not an alcoholic.

In 2018 a series of events occurred which reduced my life to ground hog days and, although I was not aware then, my higher power was orchestrating events which led me to ask for help to stop drinking. I was advised to go to rehab and learned there that I was definitely alcoholic and from there it was recommended that I go to AA. From my first meeting in AA I felt in a safe place – the right place. At my first meeting I did the washing up with a long-established AA member.

It took at least the first six months to realise that AA was more than an association to help me stop drinking but, in reality, a programme to change my life completely and the best decision I have ever made and I thank my higher power and the fellowship for that incredible and unexpected gift.

I’m grateful to have been able to do service at Buckingham meeting providing teas and coffees and presently setting up; and recently being the secretary for a year. I have also done teas and coffees at Brackley Thursday; and Banbury Lunchtime Wednesday Ladies; teas and coffee; and where I am currently GSR.

One year ago, I became SMIG Treasurer, having reluctantly volunteered when there were no volunteers. I initially regretted, mostly through fear and lack of self-worth, that decision but have received so much help, encouragement and support that I am more confident and courageous than I could ever have been otherwise and that is totally down to AA and its programme and fellowship.

I believe that the connection of going to lots of meetings, the commitment of service and working on the AA programme have all contributed to my continuing sobriety and my ability to reach out to my fellows in AA and to those still suffering both inside and outside the rooms.

Contact: treasurer@aasouthmidlands.org.uk