Hi my name is Chris and I am an alcoholic.

My home group is Thame Wednesday. Thame became my home group on my second attempt at sobriety after finally giving in and accepting I have a problem with alcohol. A few years earlier I had, for a few months, attended a meeting far from home in Milton Keynes. Of course, back then, I didn’t want to be seen at my local meeting as someone may have recognised me!

Service has been a key part of my sobriety. The responsibilities have motivated me to attend meetings when I questioned “Do I need a meeting?”. I have faced the challenges and overcome the fears that different roles have raised through forcing me to engage and be part of the AA fellowship. I feel that it is important for everyone to do what we can to make meetings happen and help carry the message of recovery.

After finishing as GSR at Thame I thought that the next grown up step would be a role at Intergroup. I am proud to have been accepted as the Share Liaison Officer because I believe that Share Magazine is a valuable resource for all in AA: as readers and contributors.

Recovery is a journey not a destination.

Contact: share.smidlands@aamail.org

SHARE Magazine is the monthly magazine for Alcoholics Anonymous (GB). It is the Fellowship’s Recovery Magazine, produced for members by members. Each month’s issue focuses on the relevant Step,Tradition and Concept with some months having an additional theme. All articles are submissions by our Fellows and reflect their personal journeys in Recovery. Each year’s January issue is of particular relevance throughout the year for newcomers to AA, as it contains members’ experience, strength and hope around Step One.