Dan G

Home Group: Oxford Friday Breakfast 7:30-8:30

Hi I’m Dan and I’m an alcoholic.
I have been sober for a few years (day at a time) and am pleased to serve the AA South Midlands region in my role liaising with employers. As a recovering alcoholic I have held a number of service positions in AA groups in Oxford. All of these roles have helped me to stay sober and hopefully made some difference to the sobriety of others. Personally I found the making of tea and coffee at the Sunday Beginners meeting to be one of the most rewarding roles I have held, as it encouraged me to greet and talk with other alcoholics in recovery. The Employment Liaison Officer role also helps to keep me sober and encourages me to carry the AA message beyond the direct AA community. Please do get get in touch if you would like someone to talk to any employers you know who might be receptive to hearing our message.

Contact: elo@aasouthmidlands.org.uk