Problems with Alcohol? There is a solution... Call Oxfordshire's local helpline 01865 242373 or the free AA National helpline 0800 9177650

The only Requirement for Membership is a desire to stop drinking.


NEW MEETING – Central Oxford Young People in AA (YPAA) ‘for the young and young heart’. Start Date: Thursday 11th August 2022. WHERE: St. Michael at the Northgate. Cornmarket Street, Oxford OX1 3EY.  WHEN: Thursday 19:30 – 20:30.

NEW MEETING – Abingdon Tuesday Evening. Start Date: Tuesday 6th September 2022. WHERE: The Lounge, Christ Church, North Court Road, Abingdon. OX14 1PL. WHEN: Tuesday 19:30 – 20:30.

Service Discussion Meeting

SMIG Service Discussion Meeting Sunday 11th September 2022 12pm – 1:30pm Please visit to register your interest so we have a rough idea as to how many people might attend.

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Meet the SMIG Officers

Click HERE to meet the South Midlands Intergroup Officers. There you can click on the name of the intergroup officer and read about their experience of service.

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