The following Intergroup service positions are currently available. Further details can be found in the AA Service Handbook for Great Britain and AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain. If you have further questions and/or wish to express you interest in one of these position please email the Intergroup Secretary.

Role Duties
SHARE Liaison Officer Provides the essential contact between members, groups and the editorial teams. They actively encourage the contribution of articles and letters and the promotion of the magazines.
 Archivist The Archivist is the person responsible for the collection, its documents and artefactual items. He or she takes care of, and maintains, the physical integrity of the collection and is instrumental in its further development. The Archivist is also responsible for ensuring the protection of the anonymity of its members and the confidentiality of the AA records. 
Regional Representative Regional Representatives should be elected by their intergroup as carefully as Group Service Representatives. They should be chosen as a general rule from amongst serving GSRs but any member, who has the necessary qualifications, even if not at the time serving as a GSR, may be elected. Such a representative will attend all intergroup meetings to report from the region and to hear from the intergroup their wishes to be expressed at the next regional meeting.