Upper Heyford has two meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous both held in the Upper Heyford Village Hall .  The Monday meeting is at 1945 and the Wednesday meeting is at 1930.  All the meetings are closed meetings.  The participants at the Monday meeting have requested no dogs to be brought to the meeting.  The Wednesday AA meeting follows a discussion format and is held in candle light.

Upper Heyford - John

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UPPER HEYFORD Monday  1945 (Closed).
UPPER HEYFORD Wednesday 1930 (Closed). Candle Lit Discussion.

Village Hall,
Somerton Road
Upper Heyford
OX25 5LB.

History of Alcoholics Anonymous in Upper Heyford

U P P E R  H E Y F O R D  

Early Days

In the mid- to late-1970s a Young People’s Group was started in Upper Heyford by Howard (USAF) and Yvonne (Wantage). It was held every Sunday afternoon at the air base, but foundered because of the lack of young members. The ‘older’ members were very supportive, but that rather defeated the object of the group! Around that time, Father Martin of Chalk Talk fame came from time to time to talk to those following the Drug and Alcohol Programme at the Base, and SMIG members were invited to hear him: a really inspiring experience. Prior to the Bicester Saturday meeting, there was occasionally a Saturday meeting held at the USAF Base at Upper Heyford, but it depended on whether Don, an AA member, and his wife, an Al-Anon member, were free and could get a room for the evening. This was not very satisfactory as no one knew for certain whether or not a meeting was taking place.

Contributed by Ann W. (March 1999)

U P P E R  H E Y F O R D

Monday (7.30 pm) Village Hall, Somerton Road, Upper Heyford, Oxon. Formed January 7, 1985

The meeting was established on the Upper Heyford USAF Base in Room 883 as a Discussion Group based on As Bill Sees It.  The group went from strength to strength with a more or less equal balance of regular members from ‘on’ and ‘off’ Base.  Quite soon it introduced the custom of celebrating AA birthdays with the ‘chip’ system and in those early years, special attention was given to making AA available throughout Christmas Day, there was also always a New Year’s Eve party.

It was a great tribute to the Fellowship that during the Libyan Crisis of 1986, when no other outsiders could set foot on the Base, AA members still had access to Room 883 for their meetings (and were provided with a military escort for the purpose!).  A far more serious ‘international incident’ occurred in late 1987 when Room 883 was designated a classroom and therefore a no-smoking area!  It was as a result of this that, by December 1987, the Upper Heyford group had moved to its present venue in the Village Hall.

Happily the Monday Group survived the closing of the Base and is thriving today as a ‘chair’ meeting though numbers have decreased with the opening of several other meetings in the area.

The meeting continues to offer sobriety ‘chips’ from 24 hours up to 42 years…and beyond by request.

Edward M.

November 2017


Wednesday (7.30 pm) Village Hall, Somerton Road, Upper Heyford, Oxon. (See also Upper Heyford Monday).

In the early summer of 1977 a Newcomers’ Meeting was established as an off-shoot of the Monday group but in due course became a general meeting, though always with a special welcome for newcomers. Later, Group Conscience decided against a ‘chair’ meeting, as this was the format on Mondays, and in favour of discussion (with occasional chair). This has been variously based on ‘Ask It Basket’, Big Book, and currently As Bill Sees It. In winter, meetings may be held by candlelight. Like Monday, the meeting runs a birthday chip programme. It has its own Secretary, but shares literature and refreshments with, and has the same Treasurer and GSR as, the Monday meeting.   With the increasing number of local meetings, attendance has dropped and it would be good to have more members with established sobriety.

November 2017

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