Oxford Bonn Square Wednesday 1930 Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

There is currently one meeting held at the Oxford  New Road Baptist Church – Wednesday 19:30. All the meetings on Wednesday are Closed meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Monday 19:30 meeting, which used to be held at this venue now moved to St

Upper Heyford Monday & Wednesday Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Upper Heyford has two meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous both held in the Upper Heyford Village Hall .  The Monday meeting is at 1945 and the Wednesday meeting is at 1930.  All the meetings are closed meetings.  The participants at the Monday

Witney 1930 Monday Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous hosts two meetings a week in Witney.  This meeting is an AA readings and sharing meeting held at the Our Lady & St Hugh Roman Catholic Church on Moorland Road:  it is held on a Monday night at