The Burford Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous  meets on a Wednesday at 1930 at the Methodist Church on the High Street.  The 2nd meeting of the month is an Open Meeting and the 3rd Meeting of the month is a Step Meeting.


Burford Methodist Church


BURFORD Wednesday 1930
Methodist Church,
99 High Street,
Burford OX18 4QA



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Please note that the Wednesday AA meeting in Burford will be moving.  As of the 05 October 2016 it will be moving to:

The Greening Room
1st Floor
Warwick Hall,
St. John the Baptist Church
Church Green
OX18 4RP



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History of the Burford Group

Burford Community Hospital, Sheep Street, Burford

Formed April 1974

The meeting was formed as an alternative to the Bampton meeting whose closing was imminent. The first Secretary was Farmer Brian, with Ken as the Treasurer, and the meetings took place on a Wednesday at the Church Hall. It was here that I was taken by Norman of Woodstock on the first Wednesday in December, 1974, and for several years became a regular attender.

The hall was most adequate for our purposes except for the heating and it was often said that you needed a sheepskin to go into the meeting, although not outside! It was advantageous to be the speaker as Ken would bring a single bar electric fire placed close to the speaker.




The first meeting place in Burford

Betty took over from Brian in 1975 and proceeded to produce cakes and sandwiches galore. For about three years I was working in South Wales and travelled to Burford every Wednesday evening, and if too late to eat on the way, I knew I could get a snack at the meeting on arrival. Betty and I were once taken separately by the Murder Squad to “assist with enquiries”, all as a result of being early arrivals at the Church Hall and a suspicious death in the vicinity.

Sadly some of those at my first meeting are no longer with us – Betty and Ken have passed away. Two American Servicemen, Larry and Howard, were regulars and they would go to the Ley Clinic in Oxford and collect patients to bring them to the meeting. Both are retired from the Services and are still active and sober in AA – Larry in Medway, Ohio, and Howard in Seattle.

Occasionally I still go. It is still on a Wednesday evening but has for some time been held at Burford Community Hospital.


The Community Hospital in Sheep Street

Cyril M. (August 1999)

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