South Midlands Intergroup are meeting at the St Margaret’s Institute on Polstead Road in Oxford.
We will be meeting at 1430 and all members of the fellowship are welcome not just GSRs.  The intergroup is a service area where members come together to do tasks that would be beyond what would be expected for a group be able to do.  Such as Public Information or Health Liaison Officers who can visit GPs or other groups and bodies to help reach people with problems with alcohol.

We have service vacancies at intergroup:

Armed Forces LO, Employment LO, Electronic Communications LO, Probation LO, Regional Representatives (X2) and Telephone Service LO.  If you would like any further information please contact

Probation and Criminal Justice Liaison Officer

Working closely with Prison Liaison, the Probation and Criminal Justice Liaison Officer is the main contact for local Police Stations and Probation services should anyone come into these organisations and is seeking help from AA

Telephone Liaison Officer

The Telephone Liaison Officer co-ordinates the working of the Telephone Service. Works closely with the Telephone Responder Rota coordinator.

Region Representatives

Region Representatives keep each body, Region and Intergroup, aware of business transacted at the other. Each Intergroup may send three voting representatives, whilst other AA members may attend as observers. South Midlands Intergroup belongs to the South Midlands Region, which meets at the Hilton Hotel in Swindon on a quarterly basis.

Electronic Communications Liaison Officer

The ECLO is responsible for the local Intergroup website, keeping meeting details up-to-date using information supplied by local members, and for forwarding of emails to the relevant officers.

Armed Forces Liaison Officer

 An Armed Services Liaison Offcer is responsible for establishing local links with the Royal Navy, the Army, the Royal Air Force and any other organisation that is connected with the Armed Services.  These trusted servants should have an established period of sobriety, ideally not less than two years, and a good working knowledge of the AA Service Handbook. It is recommended that they should serve for not less than two years and not more than three years. It is through the intergroup assembly that the intergroup ASLO is elected and to which he/ she subsequently reports. An important task of the Armed Services Liaison Offcer (as with all other trusted servants) is to keep intergroup informed of events on a regular basis. It often takes a long time to establish a good working relationship between AA and the Armed Services. In order therefore to safeguard progress to date and ensure continuity should another member need to take responsibility at short notice, it is good practice for the intergroup Public Information Officer to have access to all relevant Armed Services material, contacts and details of forthcoming presentations.


The Secretary has the responsibility with the Chair for preparing the agenda and minutes of meetings and for distributing these documents to the Groups well before meetings so that there is ample time to discuss the contents. The Secretary deals with all correspondence, passing for example requests for speakers to outside organisations to the Public Information officer or a suitable member. The Secretary keeps in touch with the General Service Office making sure that it promptly has a copy of the minutes and notice of any change of officer.



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St Margaret’s Institute Entrance
SMIG Intergroup Meeting 18 November 2018
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