South Midlands Intergroup (SMIG) needs your help.

Smig is the intergroup that covers Oxfordshire and some parts of the neighboring counties.

We are looking for individuals or teams that can help reach the still suffering alcoholics in our area.  If you consider that the WHO estimates that over 5% of the population in Europe suffers from alcohol use disorders that could mean we have at least 35,000 people in our area could benefit from our program of recovery.

Our intergroup is made up of all the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in our area.

Our Public Information team which tries to raise awareness of what AA does could do with your help.  That help could range from what you would be able to do.  Every little helps.  From putting up posters, leaving business cards with our details, approaching Health Care Practices,  religious and community leaders, providing employers with details.  From the little to the large tasks we could really do with your help and we can attest that it strengthens personal recovery no end.

We also have some important and exciting posts that are vacant and they need to filled by individuals or teams of people wanting to carry the message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic.

Armed Forces Liaison Officer –  it would be great if individuals or teams involved could be veterans.

Electronic Communications Officer 

Prison Liaison Officer

Probation Liaison Officer

Share Magazine Liaison Officer – this role is to raise awareness of share magazine and to encourage people in our area to contribute articles, pictures and letters to the magazine.

Young Persons Liaison Officer 

Please when considering this page remember the AA pledge:

I am Responsible.
When Anyone, Anywhere
Reaches Out For Help,
I Want The Hand Of A.A.
Always To Be There.

And For That,
I Am Responsible !


If you can help or need any further information please contact



Your intergroup needs YOU!!!
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