Every year at the St Margaret’s Institute on Polstead Road in Oxford. The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous host a day long Christmas gathering on Sunday and host at least three meetings.  There is a meeting at 1000, a meeting at 1400 and another at 1800.  People gather to celebrate Christmas and it ensures that people do not have to be alone on Christmas day.  Traditionally people have come along to help set up on Christmas morning.  Some people just pop in and give some goodies.  Others stay and share some of the day before going onto to share Christmas with their families.  Some others come after their families Christmas celebrations and drop in for a couple of hours.  However you wish to spend the day please feel free to come and celebrate your sobriety and Christmas with us.

This year as Christmas falls on a Sunday the Sunday Beginners Meeting  is the lead host in ensuring a warm welcome to one and all.  Other Meetings that usually meet on a Sunday will also lend a hand.

So if you need a meeting or just want to celebrate a Christmas in sobriety please come and join us.  There will be a meeting at 10am, 2pm and 6pm.  The venue will aim to open around 9am and will probably shut at 8pm.

If you would like to help out or want to bring something to share then feel free to turn up or just contact us at smig2007@gmail.com

The gathering will take place at:

St Margaret’s Institute,
Polstead Rd,

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Polstead road meeting 2

SMI Entrance

We would like to thank the St Margarets institute for letting us use the space on Christmas Day.  We are thankful and grateful for the friendship and support you continue to show to the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous in Oxford.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and we hope you have a most excellent time.

Alcoholics Anonymous Oxford Christmas Day Celebration Meetings
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