Abingdon Saturday Night 1930

(1st Big Book, 3rd Open Discussion 5th Traditions)
Saturday (7.30 pm)

St. Michael’s Church Hall, Park Road, Abingdon OX14  3NZ

Formed December 9, 1979

Abingdon group was formed at a time when meetings were mainly concentrated in Oxford, Wantage, Banbury and Swindon.

AA was on the verge of quite a dramatic expansion in the area, but at the time the only Saturday meeting was in Bicester. It was also felt it would be good to introduce a wider variety of meetings – in those days the idea of a Discusssion Group was very innovative!

In fact, though Discussion, Step and other group formats soon developed in the area, Abingdon fairly soon became a ‘normal’ Share Meeting. Nowadays it holds a Big Book meeting once a month. And every year it celebrates a special Anniversary Party.

February 1999

Abingdon Saturday Night 1930
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